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Back Split, Side Split, Sunroom Addition In Law Suites & Second Store Addition


Did you know that “HOME ADDITIONS”, “BACK SPLIT”, “SIDE SPLIT”, “SUNROOM ADDITION”, “IN LAW SUITES” & “SECOND STORY ADDITION” may be some of the best solutions for accommodating your growing family?

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Home Additions - Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Construction and Contractors Company

With a growing family or a dynamic lifestyle, an alteration to your home in the form of a home addition becomes essential to meet your needs. We can build that additional master bedroom that you continually fantasize about, add an extra dining room, build an extended room with a new entrance or balcony, a sunroom addition or even an extra room for the kids to play. Moreover, adding a second story, or a split-level addition (back split or side split) often provides more bedrooms. Or perhaps adding an in-law suite may be an excellent addition to your home for aging parents.


As you may know permits to build a new home takes a much longer time to obtain, and building a new custom home costs a fortune. Why not add that additional square-footage, THE WAY YOU WANT IT, with much less investment?


Boost the square footage of your house, adding practical, or adding an area right where you need it, for the purpose you’d desire and exactly the style you’d like it to look.

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Home Additions Happy Couple - Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Construction and Contractors Company

With our expert designes, personalized project managment, and skilled building crews; we have everything you need for a trouble free “Home Additions”, “Back Split”, “Side Split”, “In Law Suites”, “Second Story Addition”, or even a “Sunroom Addition”, experience.

Home Additions Kid Contractor - Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Improvement and Contractors Company


If you want the space and sunshine of a patio, but prefer to stay inside, allow us to professionally design and build an addition to your home. Our experts can custom design, any home addition project whether it’s a living room extension, a sunroom addition, an extra garage, or a guest house. We have everything you need for a stress-free home remodeling experience. No project is too big. We will make your house strikingly spacious and stunningly efficient.

We know that building an addition to your home is a significant task and involves a relatively big investment. Take the risk out of the equation by choosing the right contractor. You can trust New Trend Home Construction & Contractors Company to do your project right. You can rely on us to get the task done on time and entirely within your financial plan. At New Trent Home, no phase is left unattended; we are thoroughly committed to every step of the way, leading to an outstanding quality.

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Complete and detailed site inspection

Comprehensive customer consultation to define precisely how your dream home addition looks like

Detailed analysis of the Concept drafts and drawings

Final drawings and complete specifics of the home addition project, which you sign off on

Home Addition Happy Couple And Contractor - Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Construction and Contractors Company
Home Addition - Best Home Renovation And Remodeling Construction and Improvement Company In GTA Toronto

Budgeting along the way, so you know your choices and all the related expenses. If you request any changes made to your project, we will inform you accurately what is the work involved, and whether there are additional charges associated with the change.

Obtaining and securing all required permits can be a daunting and confusing experience. We will take care of all city hall demands on your behalf, in order to ensure the smooth operation of your project with no administrative difficulties.

Once the project is finalized, your ultimate walk-through will confirm your total approval with the final result. When you are 100% satisfied, our job is complete.

Construction and inspections

A project manager will be allocated solely to your home additions project and will be there from the start to finish, handling all phases of the process and any questions or concerns that you may need to be answered down the way. We make sure all your questions will be answered and your expectations exceeded.

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